Technology Inquiry Project Post 8: Our Geocaching Experience!

Dear readers,

As per Shaylin’s last blog post, this week we went geocaching as the beginning of the end of our technology inquiry project. She downloaded the “Geocaching” app and discovered that there was actually a couple of geocaches hidden on the university campus that we both study at! So after class we set off on our own little adventure to find a “Canada Day”-themed geocache on campus very close to our class:

I apologize for the shaky camera. This video was taken when our geocaching app told us we were within 50m of the geocache. Taken with my iPhone 5S camera.
Success! We found it!
Turns out this cache was placed one day after Canada’s 149th birthday!
Contents of the cache

As the video in Shaylin’s previous blog post mentioned, proper geocaching etiquette is that if you want to take something in the geocache (but not the guest book or pen), you leave something of equal or lesser value. We traded in our own stickers/little trinkets for Canadian flag stickers…

What was also neat was that we were the second ones to sign our names for finding that geocache that day! It must be fairly popular!

We also took the opportunity to clean up any containers that we, ahem, may or may not have mistaken for the geocache itself…

Overall, I really enjoyed geocaching! I loved the puzzling aspect of it, the way it allowed both Shaylin and I to explore a new part of campus we hadn’t ever encountered before, use some very basic navigational skills, use technology, and connect with the greater geocaching community by adding our names to the ‘guest book’ of the geocache!

I see using the “Geocaching” app educationally as having many possible connections to the new B.C. curriculum. I see using the “Geocaching” app with students to fulfill the “Contributing to community and caring for the environment” and “Solving problems in peaceful ways” components of the “Social Responsibility” Core Competency.

Here is a list of other connections I found that geocaching could have to the B.C. curriculum’s content:

  • French 4 (or perhaps older): for talking about directions and using language around directions (ie north, south, east, west, up, down, under, over, etc)
  • Science 3: Two content goals is learning about “biodiversity in the local environment” and “major local landforms”
  • Science 4: Two contents goals here is learning about how humans, plants and animals sense and respond to their environments, and also that “biomes [are] large regions with similar environmental features”
  • Physical and Health Education 2 and 3, : “Explain how participation in outdoor activities supports connections with the community and environment” curricular competency
  • Social Studies 3: The content goal of learning the “relationship between humans and their environment” could be covered
  • Social Studies 4: The content goal of learning “physiographic features and natural resources of Canada” could be covered
  • Social Studies 5: The content goal of learning “First Peoples land ownership and use” could be covered
  • Mathematics 7: The content goal of learning “Cartesian coordinates and graphing” could be easily covered using geocaching

And I’m sure there are many more ways geocaching could be connected to other elements of the curriculum too; this list is nowhere near extensive! I don’t know about you, but I would love to take my students geocaching, even if I have to create a geocache for them on the school grounds!

Well, this brings me to the end of quite possibly my last technology inquiry blog post. It’s been a fun time learning about ways we can connect place-based education and technology together, two seemingly unlike things, and I feel I have learned a lot.

Stay tuned for another post including a visual presentation of all Shaylin and I have learned!

This is Bethany, signing off.

*Note: all photos and videos used in this post were taken by yours truly, and used with consent.

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