On All the ‘R’s: QR codes, AR, and VR

This past week we briefly touched on QR codes, AR (or Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) and how they can be used in the classroom.

QR (or ‘Quick Response’) codes are little computer-generated black and white patterned boxes that can be placed on worksheets or other materials and can be scanned by specific QR code readers (which now come with newer iPhone cameras). Scanning the QR codes will let readers into a website or somewhere that will give them more information about the worksheet or material or topic the particular mount of the QR code says. This could be really helpful in education because it would make posters look cleaner and let students only put what’s really important onto their posters, and teach students about how to use technology to connect their audience to more resources.

Augmented Reality is QR code’s cool cousin. Essentially it allows little 3D pictures to pop up after creating a ‘hotspot’ on a piece of paper or material. These 3D pictures also move around, and are so cool! Just take a look at how one teacher uses AR to teach about how a water molecule can be put together! One way to create these is using HP Reveal, which is an app I’ve tried downloading onto my iPhone, but I think because it’s an older generation it won’t let me open it.

Anyways, here are some other cool resources about AR:

Finally, virtual reality is a way of changing your whole world and interact with the video world for a time. When we were touring PSII, I learned about a student who uses VR to create 3D digital art! I feel that VR could also be used educationally to ‘transport’ students to different times and places and interact with those worlds, such as looking at Medieval England in a social studies unit!

These are all some really cool things I want to explore more in the future!


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