On Privacy, FIPPA and Consent

Throughout the course of the semester, I have been very aware of good teacher practices around privacy to be practicing right now. Although I technically am not yet required to be following good teacher protocol around privacy and consent, I decided to start this semester asking for consent around using anyone’s name, personal information, or photos in any sort of work I produced, because I feel that it will make practicing these protocols when I am working with students and students’ information as a teacher one day that much easier.

For those who don’t know, FIPPA stands for Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In Canada, while consent is always needed, it is especially important when wanting to put people’s information on servers hosted outside of Canada, which makes using GAFE (Google Apps for Education) a little more challenging.

Another piece of legislation that’s important to keep in mind is OIPC (Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner)’s “Cloud Computing Guidelines for Public Bodies“. Interacting in the public sphere and handling students’ and family’s information automatically holds me accountable to this piece of legislation.

While this scared me at first of doing it wrong, I’m beginning to get in the groove of asking for people’s consent. If I’m ever unsure if I need consent from someone, my motto is “better to ask for consent”. I think about how I would like my information handled, and I would want people to ask for my consent first before sharing any of my personal information on the internet.


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