On Twitter and PLN

I’m finding it so look back and think on how far I’ve come in the technology class I am finishing right now. Earlier this semester, I was quite frankly very overwhelmed at the idea of using Twitter.

Then I got a Twitter account and started following people, and that began to change…

I began following my peers/ other teacher candidates. I began following the guest speakers in our class. In one weekend I went from having ZERO interaction with Twitter to getting really into it. I now also have a tweetdeck account that I use frequently to organize all the different hashtags I follow.

With teaching music for K to Grade 5 students in my upcoming practicum, I have been following a few music education-related hashtags to see how other teachers across the globe are teaching music.

The biggest thing I have used my Twitter account for are connecting with teachers, particularly when asking for consent to use their ideas in my blogs or presentations. Here’s just one example:

I’ve been really encouraged by how some of these teachers have actually responded to my posts. By following them, commenting on their ideas, and interacting with them via Twitter, I am building my PLN or Personal Learning Network. I feel this will serve me well as I gather resources for becoming a teacher in the future, and even on my practicum. Teachers have advised me that I should not “re-invent the wheel” when it comes to teaching, and I feel that building a Personal Learning Network is just one great way to gather resources that way.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter as I continue to grow my Personal Learning Network!


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