Learning Goals

As I have just begun my educational journey in this course, I have only just started to think about my learning goals for the assignments. As someone who considers herself to not be very technologically-adept, one of my goals for this course is simply to gain awareness and hands-on experience with different technological resources that could enhance my practice as a teacher and could be helpful and fun for my students. Another goal of mine for this course is to explore, and push myself to try new things or ways of presenting information using technology. For example, my goal for Assignment One (the open inquiry project) is to use more than just blog posts and photos to document my learning process, but to incorporate other forms of presenting information into my blog (such as a self-made and edited video), as time and resources permit. My goal is also to give one of the ‘advanced skills’ a try in either audio or video editing.

I feel that these goals to broaden my horizons with my involvement in the world of technology also serves as a goal for Assignment Three of this course, which is essentially to participate and contribute to the different online platforms and blogs that our class creates. My aim is to also learn alongside my peers, and help them along the way as I’m able to.

I additionally have goals for each of the two inquiry-based assignments. I strive to gain a greater understanding of my cultural and familial backgrounds in Assignment One as I study at least one of my extended family’s genealogy and their eventual settlement within Canada. I would also love to learn about where I find myself in this history, and how I can practice and pass on parts of my cultural background to the next generation. I do not yet have a set topic or group for Assignment Two, but I know that my goal for that project is to dive deep into a piece of technology that could possibly benefit elementary or middle-school students in the classroom, and explore how both students and teachers can use it.

I’m actually pretty excited for all I’m going to learn in this course, and looking forward to getting started on the inquiry projects! I’m excited to learn more about technology and (at least partially) immerse myself into different technological platforms that could serve me and my future students well.


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