On blogging

Alright dear followers, This is likely my last and final post for this blog. It's been a pleasure to create my own blog. I've actually discovered through it that I actually love writing, and adding images and making something that will look really nice for others to use. Once I get established as a teacher, …

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On All the ‘R’s: QR codes, AR, and VR

This past week we briefly touched on QR codes, AR (or Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) and how they can be used in the classroom. QR (or 'Quick Response') codes are little computer-generated black and white patterned boxes that can be placed on worksheets or other materials and can be scanned by specific QR …

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Reflections on Distributed Learning

A couple weeks ago we were talking about distributed learning in class. Distributed learning is defined by innovativelearning.com as "learning activities that allow learners and instructors to participate in learning activities for disparate locations". We began reflecting on our own experiences with distributed learning: What are your experiences with distributed learning? I have actually had …

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Reflection on Video Conference Call with Verena Roberts

Back in the first few days of March, my class had the special opportunity to video conference call Verena Roberts, a teacher and technology education researcher based out of Alberta. The day we video conferenced her, she was giving a lecture to those in the community at a university, and we got to join in …

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On Privacy, FIPPA and Consent

Throughout the course of the semester, I have been very aware of good teacher practices around privacy to be practicing right now. Although I technically am not yet required to be following good teacher protocol around privacy and consent, I decided to start this semester asking for consent around using anyone's name, personal information, or …

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