Technology Inquiry Project, Post #9: Wrap-up

Hello dear followers,

Just when you thought I had officially finished writing for this technology project on place-based education and technology….

Surprise! I’m stopping in for a brief visit before saying ‘goodbye’ again!
Check out the blog post Shaylin just published, tidying up the loose ends of our project and also including some helpful links to both the Google Slides presentation we will be giving to our peers tomorrow about our project, and also to our Trello board. May you find this helpful one day if you ever need resources for teaching something outdoors and desire to incorporate technology into it.

Here are the links to our Google Slides presentation (we were trying out GAFE) and to our Trello board.

Thanks so much for following our project! It was fun and very informative.


Shaylin Warren

Beth and I will be wrapping up our Tech Inquiry project and sharing what we’ve learned using Google Slides. In turn, familiarizing ourselves with GAFE and providing our peers with a series of easily accessible resources moving forward. You can access the slides here! I realized that we also never shared our trello board on our blog, but you can access it here if you want to dig deeper into our learning process.

It’s been a blast! Enjoy.

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