On coding

In the past couple weeks, my class has had a couple really awesome opportunities to give coding a try!

As I have been with a lot of new technology things, I was nervous to try it. I have a friend who’s taking Computer Science as a degree and I know she spends many long hours working on coding assignments figuring out the errors in the algorithms, so that has been my perception of coding. However, I now know there are ways to begin from the bottom and build your way up!

One great way to start is by doing very basic coding projects such as the “Boat Race” one on the Code Club website my peers showed me that uses the ‘Scratch’ language of coding. Its instructions are very easy to follow, and (dare I say) fun to play around with!

I think I’m a little more willing to play around with coding, especially after this presentation I was given by my peers who researched this and explained that coding isn’t scary!


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